Le parc en automne

(iPhone 8+, 2017/11/7 & 12)

Backyard cleanup !

This is a (silent) time-lapse video filmed on October 1st and 2nd 2017 showing our fall backyard cleanup (again, thanks to Nest Cam). In preparation for major renovations in the backyard, it needed to be cleared. So we took all the flower pots to the front yard, trimmed the old vine, removed the overgrown morning glory and cut the rasberry stems. The next day, we also trimmed the tree, cleaned up the deck and removed the water hose. Here you have about eight hours of work in just three minute !

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Images du parc

Promenade à la mi-septembre

(iPhone 6s, Parc Frederic-Back, 2017-09-17)

(iPhone 6s, Parc Frederic-Back, 2017-09-18)

Jardin de vie

Hier après-midi, nous avons terminé notre promenade par une brève incursion au jardin botanique — qui était, comme d’habitude, plein de couleurs et bourdonnant de vie…


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