The Blahs

One of my friends, who’s going to HK for several months for his job, was throwing a farewell party this week-end. Unfortunately, I was so busy converting PDF files and coding to update the web pages that I totally forgot about it. I really hate myself for that since it would have been a nice occasion to decompress and meet a bunch of old friends… And Buddha knows I need to get out and see more people!

Lately I’ve been really tired. I’ve been running around (and round) all summer. And now there’s still so many stuff to do that it’s rather discouraging. I hate it when all the stuff to do and all the ideas are bumping into each others in my head making me feel so overwhelmed that I tilt like an old pin-ball machine and lie down paralysed, unable to do anything.

Anyway. I guess I’ll rest for tonight and try to tackle the tasks one by one…

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