About me and this blog

I am a blogger, library assistant, historian and have been for a long time the editor-in-chief for a magazine about Japanese media and popular culture. I live in my little shell, my safe-house, observing the world from the middle of its mediatic web.

On this blog I will comment and rant about everything but mostly about (proto) culture: anime & manga, cats & flowers, cinema & photography, history & science-fiction, Japan & technology, library & books, life & its many absurdities, etc.

Beware: this blog WILL be bilingual (part in French and part in English) ! However, I’ll do my best to add (most of the time) a link toward Google Translate to convert English posts to French and vice versa. This is auto-translation,  so the quality and accuracy of the translation is often poor but at least you’ll get the gist of it (and, if not, have a good laugh).

As for the usual disclaimer, this is my personal blog therefore the opinions expressed herein are mine only and do not necessarily represent those of my employers, associates, governments or any other people of this planet.

Permission is required before reproducing any parts, but you can link freely.

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